Techie Solutions is India’s most quality oriented institute which is providing great services.  Our Services are below

A. Technical Skills Training

Technical Skills training is our primary service which is started for enthusiastic techno lover youth. This training is totally job oriented. Our few training programmes are mentioned below

i. Software Testing

                 ii. Manual Testing

iii. Automation Testing ( UFT (QTP), Selenium and UI Path( Robotics                                Process Automation )

iv. Website Designing

v. Graphics Design


vii.  C Language

Viii. Assembly Language Programming ( Microprocessor 8085)

ix.  Analog Circuit Design

x. Digital Circuit Design

B. Digital Solutions

World is digitally disrupted, now its time to digitize.   To help society with techno innovative products, we started to provide solutions. Our few Digital Areas are –

i. Website Designing

ii. Mobile Application Development

C. Quality Solutions

D. Study Materials

E. Creative Solutions 

F. Social Works 

G. Case Studies

H. Research Paper Writing 

I. Events Organization 


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